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What features can you shop for?

While shopping for your outdoor corner dining sets, you might want to consider including some features depending on what you would love to have. Some features to consider include:

Ice Bucket Table

While setting up your outdoor corner dining set, you might consider adding an ice bucket table to your setup. Ice buckets are a necessary accessory that also helps to add to the decors with your table in place apart from the primary function. Holding ice cubes and cold water and ice could be really necessary to fully enjoy the comfort of your outdoor dining set. It can help store huge amounts of ice cubes, making it easy to use them with your drinks without finding a way to get them indoors.

Rising Table

This is an important part of your outdoor dining set as it provides a platform to place whatever you have at hand. It also provides more than this primary role as it also provides a stylish outlook of your set, giving you an amazing furniture design.

Fire Pit Table

You might want to add warmth to your outdoor experience by adding a fire pit table to your dining setup. Because of this, you get to enjoy the accompanying warmth that comes with the table without worrying about the smoke or ash seen with the conventional fire pits. 

Dining Table

A simple dining table could be your choice based on your budget and need. A dining table comes in various forms, including extra features or just plain enough to meet the primary need you want. A simple dining table set also comes in a unique form suitable for your esthetic outdoor design. 

Drinks Table 

A little mix of esthetic design and function can give you an amazing outdoor setup. A drink table provides a unique style that enables you to set snacks and drinks even as you relax comfortably outside. 

High Back 

A cushion that best fits your dining set with an extra feature to support adequate style and comfort can give your outdoor dining set a great aesthetic outlook. The chair can also come with a shaped crest rail and outward-sloped legs that reinforce the legs and adds more comfort to your dining setup.


A reclining chair also adds more comfort to your outdoor experience. You can get all the comfort you want by going for your desired feature that blends your needs and budget.

What corner dining position do we stock?

The positioning of your dinner set can also vary, and add different esthetic designs to your outdoor space depending on the structure of the space you are using. This positioning can also give a unique structure to your dining setup. 

A good example is having an L-shaped structure of a dining set that can provide the aesthetic appearance you want for your design. You can have several design positions set up for your outdoor dining set, like left-handed for a left corner, right-handed for a right corner, or symmetrical.

What type of seating can you have?

The seat structure of your outdoor dining set can be based on different factors such as the number of people that could be around, the availability of your outdoor space for your dining set, and the esthetic outlook you intend to have for your outdoor setup design. To adequately make use of your outdoor dining set, it is important to consider the flexibility of the number of seats attached to a dining set.  

The more the number of seats you have, the more packed your entire setup can be. You can settle for a unique number of seats that fits your design, ensuring that all factors are put in place to give you an amazing outlook for your design structure. We at Gardenman offer several seating variations.

Bistro 2 

A bistro seat is a traditional chair that comes with a uniform table. The table comes in a 24inch round tabletop and height of 30inches. While maintaining the integrity of the design structure and uniformity, you can comfortably go for a Bistro 2 seat for your outdoor dining design.

4 Seats 

A 4 seat dining set comes in a standard size that accommodates both the table and the chair. The standard size is 42 inches by length, 42inches by width, and 30inches by height. However, this standardized setup varies as it can be customized to fit your outdoor space.

6 Seats

The 6 seat setup is the most popular dining set commonly used for different reasons. In the case of an outdoor dining setup, your 6seats dining seat comes with two downsides and one each at the extreme ends. The average size is often measured at 75cm by 150cm, depending on your taste and outdoor space.

8 Seats

This a big seat structure for your outdoor dining set. It comes in a rectangular format that helps to accommodate three downsides and one each at the extreme ends of the dining set. It often comes as 8inches long and 3.6inches wide, accommodating the setup. 

What table shapes do we offer?

Choosing a dining table set usually seems daunting. It does not matter much to many, but it always seems like a huge task to those who place a premium on how their tables are set (as they should). The choice of what texture, how many numbers to seat, and what shape it should be all matter in the eventual setup. Two factors to consider in the selection are the shape of the area to be used and the size. You'll find out that choosing certain table shapes allows better flow with some spaces than others. At Gardenman, we have an array of styles for you to pick from,

Rectangular corner dining set

This rising table is special with its peculiar quality of transforming your dining into a lounge area with ease. This table allows your outdoor space to be versatile. Combined with L-shape corner sofas with various footstools varying in lengths, it makes for very beautiful and immensely satisfying décor.

Square dining sets 

These are commonly used with each chair arranged singly. Our square outdoor dining sets are fashioned such that you can never go wrong following the status quo of using chairs arranged singly or using a sofa. It depends on the feel you're trying to achieve with these square dining sets. And never forget, two square tables can be put into one when you have more people to seat. 

Round Corner dining sets

Round corner dining sets are a great solution to a small dining space. They do not take more space than necessary and only take as much as the seats would have if the table were absent! 

Oval dining sets 

If you don't like the cliché of a rectangular dining set, then the oval corner dining set might be the set to consider. They're similar in many ways but differ in that an oval dining table with similar.

Why Choose Gardenman?

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